How do I use my digital gift card?

Once you have selected your items and are ready to check out, you will see a shopping cart page with an option to add 'Gift card" on the right hand side. This is where your unique gift voucher code should go. Once you have completed the shipping and payment details (and the gift card box) you can then click the 'Pay Now' button which will charge you the amount for your goods minus your gift card amount.

Why does grind size matter?

Different brewing methods require different grind sizes because of the rate of extraction. The rate of extraction increases with the decrease in grind size. For example, a cafetiere will use a coarse grind (longer brewing time) compared to an espresso which uses a fine grind (shorter brewing time). If  the wrong grind size is used this can affect the taste of your coffee. Too fine a grind can lead to bitter and hollow tasting coffee. Too coarse a grind can lead to a sour and weak tasting coffee.

Why can't I find my usual product on the website?

​If you can't find anything on the website this will be because the product is out of stock - this may be due to high demand or the product has been discontinued. We try our best to replenish stock often in the shop however due to most of our product being shipped from the EU this is becoming increasingly difficult to manage stock.

Can I use my digital gift card in store?

Unfortunately we do not accept digital gift cards in store, nor do we accept paper vouchers bought in store on the website. This is outlined when purchasing. However, you can use your digital gift card to place a click and collect order if you would like to pick it up in the shop.

Can I order over the phone?

Yes you can. Please call (01224) 624757 and we will be delighted to advise you or fill an order for you.

Do you offer trade prices?

Yes, some of the trade coffee prices are listed on our website but for further prices you can email or call us. We do not offer trade prices on tea currently.

How long will my coffee stay fresh?

Our coffees are roasted on a 1-3 day rotation meaning they are very freshly roasted. Whole beans will stay fresh for longer than coffee grounds and we recommend they are stored in an air tight container to prevent the beans or grounds from going stale quickly - grounds will start to stale after around 2 weeks and whole beans will be around 3-4 weeks. If you will have your coffee for over a month, storing the beans or grounds in the fridge or freezer can extend the shelf life for up to 3 months.

I want my tea sent out in 100g bags rather than one big bag, how do I know how they will come?

Please specify in the order notes whether you would like your tea sent in one bag or multiple 100g bags and we will try to accommodate your request as best as we can.

My parcel hasn't arrived yet and I placed the order a week ago?

All of our parcels are sent out by second class Royal Mail post, your parcel will not be classed as missing until 10 working days after it's due arrival date. We are aware of postage delays due to ongoing staff shortages within Royal Mail, please be patient and plan ahead when ordering.