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BLUE SUMATRA - Mandheling 'Permata Gayo'

BLUE SUMATRA - Mandheling 'Permata Gayo'

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A firm favourite with our customers!

Process: Semi-Washed (Wet Hulled- 'Giling Basah')

Altitude: 1350 - 1600m

Roast: Medium/Dark

Strength: 4/5

Characteristics: Full-bodied and smooth, this coffee boasts notes of chocolate, syrup, cherry, citrus and peach. Rich and aromatic in the cup with low acidity.

'Rainforest Alliance', 'Organic' and 'Fairtrade' certified.

Further Information: The 'wet parchment' coffee (known as 'Gabah') has a 45% moisture content and is dried for around a day prior to hulling. After hulling, the coffee becomes the 'Labu' (wet green bean at 30% moisture) and then takes a further two days to become 'Assalan' which has a 20% moisture content. At that stage the 'Assalan' is transported to the main dry mill where it will be further dried for half a day to 13% moisture, at which stage it becomes ready for grading and export.

The 'Gayo Highlands' region of the 'Central Aceh' resides on a high plateau in the centre of the province in northern Sumatra and is about as rural as you can get in Indonesia. The Permata Gayo cooperative was established there in 2006, after the Aceh conflict which destroyed coffee farms in the area, and has grown to 2125 members today.

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