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JAMAICA BLUE MOUNTAIN - Flamstead Estate, Grade 1

JAMAICA BLUE MOUNTAIN - Flamstead Estate, Grade 1

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Process: Washed

Altitude: 1,500m

Roast: Medium

Strength: 3/5

Characteristics: Herbal and spicy with a delicate aroma of orange. Overtones of dark chocolate with butterscotch sweetness. This coffee offers a well-balanced, silky and sweet-toned cup. Mild and full-bodied with low acidity.

A specialty, high-grown coffee, the 'Jamaica Blue Mountain' is world-renowned for its uniqueness, rarity and high quality.

Further Information: The coffee is stored in parchment, sometimes in bags and sometimes in wooden silos, before processing. It is then dried by a combination of sun drying and mechanical drying. Thereafter the coffee is stored in bags for at least 8 weeks and, after this resting period, the parchment is hulled. The resulting green coffee is graded by size and density, and the defects are hand-sorted. The coffee is finally packed in wooden barrels of varying sizes.

The inspection and grading of the beans is conducted by the statutorily based 'Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority' (JACRA, formerly the 'Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica' (CIB)), which handles, tests and arranges all the logistical side of exports, ensuring a high standard of quality.

In addition, Jamaica carries out strict testing for pesticide and chemical agent residues to a standard significantly beyond the international phytosanitary levels requested by either the European Union or other European countries. All green coffees exported from Jamaica, including those to Europe, are regularly tested to this higher standard.

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