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Melitta Calibra® Coffee Grinder with integrated scale

Melitta Calibra® Coffee Grinder with integrated scale

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The Melitta® Calibra® Coffee Grinder uses a professional steel conical burr grinder for precise and even results. Perfect for all types of coffee, the Calibra® coffee grinder has 39 variable grind settings - from fine to coarse and holds up to 375g of coffee beans.

Grind levels 1 - 5 provider a finer result perfect for espresso machines, while grind levels 6 - 26 produce the ground coffee that works well with a filter coffee machine. Grind levels 27-39 creates the coarse grounds that are perfect for cafetiere.

The Calibra Coffee Grinder has three adjustable grind modes:

  • Number of Cups - grinds the right quantity of coffee for one or more cups of coffee;
  • Weight - grinds coffee to the exact gram if you know the quantity of coffee required;
  • Manual - regulates the amount of coffee ground over a particular time period.
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